Superfeet Review : Surviving Plantar Fasciitis !

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Hi, I’m Parris and my feet hurt, again. Not as in yesterday, though they did hurt yesterday also, but as in several years ago when I let my weight get too high and I developed plantar fasciitis which is where the section of somethin’ or another that’s right in the arch of your foot gets stretched out too much by your weight.

How to fight against plantar fasciitis?

It can also be caused by spending the day on your feet when you’re not used to that or doing a lot of exercise, wasn’t my problem. Anyhow, it then hurts to stand up and to walk around, especially after you haven’t been on your feet when you first get out of bed in the morning when you’ve been driving the car for a while and you get out to walk to the store your feet just kill you.

Had this before, found out what it was, tried some different solutions for it, was able to reduce my weight, went away, it was great. I have foolishly though let my weight get back up to the point where it’s bothering me again. So I am going to get my weight back down and resolve the problem that way. The problem is a mean trick of nature here that when you get overweight and develop plantar fasciitis you need to go out and exercise to lose the weight.

Well when you go out and walk around it now hurts so you are even less inclined to take a walk, to take a run, to get on the treadmill, to go and do any kind of exercise because your feet hurt. But all is not lost. I’ve found a solution that worked very well for me. It was thanks to a friend of my wife who recommended this and it worked for me several years ago, got me back so I could do the exercise to lose the weight and I had to go buy another pair but they’re gonna do the job to get me to lose the weight again.

The solution to your pain?

They are called Superfeet, which is considered best insoles for plantar Fasciitis. Now if you’re saying, “Those look like insoles for your shoes.” Well you are exactly right and let me tell you these are expensive insoles for the shoes. They start at around $45, go up to $50. You could buy a pair of shoes for as much as these insoles cost but if you’re walking around with a pair shoes and your feet are killing you these are the better bargain.

Now my wife’s friend said that the green Superfeet are the ones you need when you have plantar fasciitis. I’m not sure what she based that on but I was desperate because I had tried other insoles, gel insoles that help your feet from being tired when you’re on them for a full day, which is one thing. But this is something else, the kind of support my feet needed is exactly what these provided.

So again about $50 and I’ll put a link to this exact set down below this articles if you wanna make that’s what you’re looking at. For these to work, you need to make room in your shoes. These are an old pair of shoes. If you’ve watched my recent articles you know I ordered some new light hiking shoes that my feet hurt now when I’m wearing but I didn’t want to pull the insoles out of them because they’re nice new hundred dollar shoes.

So I’m using these in my old shoes until I can get it so that my feet don’t hurt anymore. Also, with these, these particular, what are these? Sketchers Relaxed Fit. Let me show ya how bad off the insoles are in these, which is part of the issue but I can’t blame my condition on this. They have compressed themselves to near paper thinness and worn out the heel and so forth.

So I picked out the size to fit these shoes and you can trim them some if you have to if they don’t quite fit your shoe. But these are a pretty good fit. What they look like inside. Now back when I tried these out a few years ago, the very first time I wore them, again I was counting on my wife’s friend saying, “They will work, trust me.” They hurt so badly the first time I stepped into the shoes with these in them. It felt like there was a knuckle pushing right up into the arch of my foot. I thought, “Oh my gosh! “This is almost as bad as the plantar fasciitis pain.”

But that shows how poorly my foot was working in terms of supporting the arch and how bad that fascia was stretched so that it was hurting so much having proper support. I don’t know if this is ordinary support or a little bit above and beyond support with this arch but when I had to go back to the store and pick up another pair a couple weeks ago and put them in my shoes, again the first time. I stepped into them they hurt so much but within two days.

I would say that pain pretty much went away, that extreme discomfort of feeling that pushing up into the arch and within another day after that my feet felt so much better. Now the time I wore them before I had to wear the shoes with these in them all the time, inside the house, outside the house, any time. I was on my feet the only way to stop it from hurting was to have these shoes.

So I kept them by my bed and as soon as I got out of bed in the morning I slipped my feet into these and that’s how bad it was. But this time with my using them I use them just when I go out for the day. When I come home, we have mostly carpet in the house and I’m able to walk around without my feet hurting, of course in the shower and so forth. So it hasn’t gotten bad enough that I need them all the time and I’m hoping to reverse course, lose about 10, 15 pounds so that I won’t need them at all.

So Superfeet, $50 seems expensive for an insole but if it lets you walk around again what that will do is let you start burning more calories, losing more weight, which will then let you not have plantar fasciitis and not need to wear them. Now I really didn’t want to do a articles about needing to have the insoles again and getting plantar fasciitis ’cause my weight has gone back up but it happens to a lot of people.

These really helped me and so I thought, well since I’m benefiting from someone telling my wife about them who told me, I’m passing the message along to you in case there’s someone out there with this that these would help. Also recently I was contacted by a company, coincidentally I think, that makes a flip-flop that provides support if you have plantar fasciitis. So it has the arch support built into the flip-flop.

They’re sending me a pair to try out. I don’t know how they knew that I might need those but it would certainly come in handy both for going in the shower if you have plantar fasciitis that’s so bad, as I mentioned I did when I had it several years ago, that you basically don’t wanna take one step without the arch support. You’re not gonna wear this in the shower, so when you’re in the shower, which is usually a flat, hard surface there it’s hard on the feet. With flip-flops that would be great.

You can go to the shower. If your exercise is going to the pool, again walking barefoot on that hard tile surface around the pool really hurts the feet but the flip-flops would be great. Or going to the beach or other things like that. So I’m excited to see those. I should be receiving those soon and I will do a articles showing you how well those work for me. I don’t think I’ll be losing the 10, 15 pounds in the next few days so probably.

If you want more information about the superfeet, please refer to the video below :

It’s a safe bet that I’ll still have plantar fasciitis when I’m trying those out as well. So for today I can’t strongly recommend enough the Superfeet insoles. They have really worked wonders for me and hopefully you will see a thinner me soon not using these. I’ll be back soon with that flip-flop plantar fasciitis articles. Did I say that correctly? You can keep checking back for that or you can click that share button down below. See you on the next review.

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