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All right so you’re probably wondering why are we even checking this thing out. It’s called the Segway mini Pro by 9.9 BOTS a company that acquired Segway back in 2014 and you probably know Segways reputation for making those Segway scooters that. You’re used to seeing at the mall beings by mall security but the Segway mini Pro is essentially a more slimmed down version of that and it’s also consumer friendly now a lot of people will probably tell you and which be considered Best kids hoverboard.

Segway miniPro by Ninebot

This is a hoverboard of some kind and we know the kind of reputation hoverboards have. They were big last holiday season but after safety issues some accidents and also them being been specific cities. It didn’t go well for hoverboards so say what this product is better. It’s actually the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Because it utilizes various technologies to make it far better and also has a smartphone aspect.

Because it’s connected via Bluetooth to your device the person that really drew me into the Segway mini pro designs, it’s definitely a lot more stylish and aggressive and that’s evident with the black paint job and red accents found throughout the device. It’s also a lot beefier healthier than most hoverboards. Because the foundation the frame itself is built from a super light durable magnesium alloy gives it a lot of strength and integrity and on top of that too you could sense that there is something more to this.

Because it’s put together by 2/10 1/2 inch pneumatic air-filled tires and they are substantial, to say the least there are also a lot of LEDs found throughout the mini pro. It’s smart enough that at night. They’ll turn on the front LEDs to help illuminate the path you have also LEDs for when you’re braking or reversing turning a left or right and all of them are actually customizable.

So you can choose specific colors for different actions what differentiates it from other hoverboards is the center column. It sticks out so basically you use this instead of a column to actually move left or right you steer towards specific directions and it kind of rests right at your knees. So you’re basically tilting your knees to the left or right to move towards those directions.

I think this is a far safer implementation than a hoverboard where you’re basically tilting your feet one foot back one foot forward and kind of throws. You a little bit off-balance. This doesn’t really impede the balance within the operation another thing that differentiates. This is smartphone integration. It connects via Bluetooth you download the United by an app to your Android smartphone and allows you to customize the LED lights.

You could calibrate the unit you can also obtain Diagnostics information. You could even control it remotely with the app and there’s also an anti-security alarm feature that will notify you an event that. It’s being tampered with or moved around but of course, this all hinges on the range of your Bluetooth connectivity. Because once you’re in that range if someone touches it.

Some of my advice for you

You’re not going to get that notification until that connection is re-established and at that point when it does they’re probably long gone with the unit. I’ve been using this for over a week now and I gotta say for someone who’s ever used a hoverboard. You’ll naturally fit in. You’ll easily get the balancing right away if this your first time using a personal transportation device that relies on balance.

It might have a slight learning curve but it’s pretty simple and I found to be pretty safe for the most part so just like most hoverboards. It’s all about finding that center of gravity why don’t you establish that getting on getting off moving forward moving back turning is a breeze. I had a lot of fun using it actually there were only two situations. Where I found using the mini pro a little bit troublesome.

The first one is uneven terrain that opposed some issues just because if you’re moving very quickly. You might be thrown off balance and secondly is going downhill at a fast speed. Now going uphill fast speed is not a problem. Because I’m leaning forward with the unit but going downhill very fast you. I get a sense of being unbalanced and you also want to just play it safe and be cautious.

When you’re doing that I did, however, have one incident. Where I got the Segway Pro Mini Pro but my t-shirt kind of got caught on the center column and then the mini Pro just started turning left and it just you know kind of grazed me on my ankle. So I guess you got to be careful about the center column snagging you a lot of people are going to wonder whether.

It’s a practical form of personal transportation. Now I personally use a folding bike whenever. I go into the city it’s just more reliable and easy to transport as well and the Segway mini Pro is in the same caliber. It’s at 28 pounds so roughly the weight of your ordinary bike but still bulkier and heavier than most skateboards or scooters. It does have a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a range of 14 miles.

Which is great but my biggest issue with the Mini Pro. It’s not as easy to carry around there is a bar that you extend from the center call to pull it around. But when you’re trying to bring it upstairs or bring it downstairs or just carrying it around in the subway. It’s a walk. There’s a lot of effort involved in that and on top of that of course. It’s a battery pack but in the event, that battery dies.

You’re basically going to have to lug this around wherever you go the last thing you probably wanna know is worth buying it has a sticker price of $1,300 but over Amazon right now. It’s on sale for $1000 I know $1,000 is still a lot of money. But you have to think about those commercial Segway scooters which start at $5,000 easily so the savings you get here with Minko is definitely substantial still at the end day.

It’s just still too much of an expensive investment to an expert that type of adoption on a mass scale and still gonna be seen largely as a luxury thing now for half the cost. You have alternatives like a decent folding bike electric scooter or some other electric transportation device that will offer more versatility for those who really need to cover this. I’ll be the first one say that I had a lot of fun using the Mini Pro.

If you want to know more Segway miniPro, you can watch the video below to reference:

It’s cool it’s fast gets you from point A to point B relatively quickly. But it’s just still too expensive for me to like so if you guys won’t learn more about this device. You could check our blog and this is John be signing out.

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