Review : The Best Shoes For Tough Mudder #2017

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Hey guys ! How are you? It’s Mike with the helpful dad in 40-plus Fitness. Here, today we’re going to talk about what’s the best shoes for tough mudder ?

What’s the best shoes for tough mudder ?

Should you use if you’re gonna do Tough Mudder or one of the other obstacle course races. Well look and we’ll talk about hiking shoes running, shoes different types of shoes and we’ll try that term rim. You know what would be the pros and cons of use and I’ll give this shoe that. I actually run in as well too.

So, you know before we get started you know. If you’re gonna do Tough Mudder you want to get the Tough Mudder headband or you’re gonna do savage race you want the savage race metal or you can do warrior  or Spartan Race or rugged maniac any of these other obstacle course races out there. That’s getting very popular things that I love to do that obviously you’d love to do.

If you’re reading this post, you know if you’re gonna do these things more than once. You’re probably gonna want to get a shoe that. It’s gonna last something you can use multiple times. You know a lot of times when you do these races the first time. You know they actually promote. You know just throw away your shoes and a big pile at the end. Well, that’s all well.

I’m fine if you’re only gonna do the race one time. Oh, you have an old pair of shoes. You want to get rid of but if you couldn’t do the erases consistently. You don’t want to keep throwing away a high-low pair of shoes right. So, this is the shoe that I run in and I’ve got a full review on this in another articles as well. There’s other ones out there that you can research.

This is really the shoe that you need to get or starting the color if you don’t like this color, but this is the New Balance minimus. I’ll talk to you why I like this shoe and you know some of the benefits of this versus some other shoes that. I’ve run in as well. But first of all if you’re gonna do one of these obstacle course races. You’re gonna want to get a shoe. That is lightweight that’s durable and that’s gonna offer you protection against the obstacle courses.

What SHOES Should I Wear?

That you’re going through I have found that this shoe actually meets those criteria. First of all it has the vibram sole technology, without those waffle-cone kind of designs on the bottom. Now you could say well Mike those are going to get clogged up, when you go through mud and yes ?

That is true, but the thing about this is  it drains. Very well, so it’s very easy to unclog that. You look at running shoes or you know that’s gonna tend to hold that model a little bit more and obviously an issue. The whole mud is going to get heavier and heavier as the course goes along. We’re talking about doing a 12 mile course like Tough Mudder or six for savage raging like that.

You know after a few miles. You don’t want bricks on your feet you want a lightweight shoe and so you want a sole. That’s gonna be very easy to you know get rid of the debris and stuff the clogs on it. But you also want to shoot. That’s fairly a soul. That’s durable to give you protection when you go over rocks and you’re climbing over different types of terrain sand and mud and and dip up hills down hills.

If you’re going through water or what have you ? You know you want a soul that will give you. It will be able to take it off and still give you protection. Now, this particular issue doesn’t have a steel plate in it like some hiking shoes wood or even some off-road running shoes. But I found that steel plate unnecessarily necessary, when you’re doing these types of obstacle course races at least so far.

It hasn’t proved necessary for me. Because there really isn’t anything like you know super sharp rocks or something. You get them a technical trail. You know that you’re hiking on or something like that and Plus that still wait what would that still play would add. A lot of weight and we don’t necessarily want that so the other thing. I like about this particular shoe is it kind of gives you that what’s all the rage right ?

Now, which I’m a big believer in is that 0 0 plane running service this actually is a 4 degree angle. There are some shoes. You can get that have a zero degree angle. But, you notice it’s much smaller heel and you get with a normal running shoe those big heels and those running shoes are great for cushioning and if you’re a heel striker that’s good or sometimes. It will cause you to strike your heel and run off on your foot.

You know it for me that’s not the best way to run. I have found that I get a lot more back pain and knee came. When, I’m running than no more running shoes. These new shoes that have this smaller heel tends to cause you to strike on your mid foot. Which has really helped me to be able to run farther and longer with less discomfort in my knees in my back.

More than, you know I’m over 40 so that’s important for me and so I have found the issues to be very helpful there the other thing. I like about it is that. It’s a very lightweight shoe if you look the top is really thin material. It’s a mesh material .I’m not sure if you how much you can see that.

But, it drains extremely well so a running shoe or a hiking shoe. These things are going to clog up and fill up with mud and after the course of a few miles. They’re going to get heavier and heavier this shoe drains. So well, I have even swam in this shoe, during the savage race that last one. I dice and swam in this shoe without any issues never had to take them off saves you some time.

I know it’s always a not always about time, when we’re doing these races. We just want to finish them and have the sense of accomplishment. But, if you don’t have to untie your shoes when you’re swimming. That’s a positive thing also found that for you to be very durable formulas done a couple races for me like I said it has that vibe from technology.

There are other shoes though with Vibram technology particularly ones that I see a lot of people running in is the 5 toe. Vibram shoes and those are very popular. Now, but I’d have a question for you as the listener rate here. I have never run in those 5 toe shoes and I know you they give you that flat angle technology is good for kind of barefoot running. But, I tell you if there’s one shoe that I see coming off in these obstacle course races more than any other in the mud.

It’s that five –  five toe shoe. Because you know it just doesn’t seem to have the ability to wrap around your foot in the back. It seems like when people are running through mud those things come off very easily now the good thing is as they come. They go back on very easily and maybe they’re extremely comfortable and they’re very good for running in the same way that.

I like this particular shoe. But, I do see those shoes come off a lot in the mud I’ve got another friend of mine that he wears a sailboating shoe is called a docksiders. It’s got a lot of it drains the water extremely easy still has a runner sole on the bottom. You can look that up and find out more information about that he swears by that and he’s done a couple races on him and he loves them.

Because they drain so well I’m like I said I tend to go with more of an actual running shoe. That’s built for off-road racing another one that would be good would be the male mayoral trail glove would be another one that I think it would also be very similar to this as well. But hiking shoes, I see people doing these races for the first time and hiking shoes thinking, that would be good.

Because it is an off course race, but the problem with that is is that can be very heavy. I mean after you’ve done a few miles in that mud and gunk is kicked up on those shoes you really are running in bricks and I don’t know. You know again is it the best shoes for tough mudder to actually run in long distance in ? . Maybe not doesn’t seem like it would work for me very well.

But you know that’s just my opinion again I’d love to know what your thoughts are do you run in something like the shoe that.  I recommend do you use something else. You know again if you’re only doing this race like the Tough Mudder, one time and one time only. You’ve got an old pair of shoes and that’s your favorite pair of running shoes. You just ready to get rid of them hey where are those.

How to choose shoes for tough mudder for beginner ? If you are beginner then you can watch video below :

You know and then throw them away at the end and you know if they donate those shoes and it goes to a good cause. But if you’re gonna do these races over and over again you could probably want to invest in a good pair of shoes. So, that’s my recommendation for you today I hope that’s helpful for you like I said please share your thoughts with me. Let me know what you think and we’ll see it one of these races next time god bless you ! Please follow my blog and Goodbye !

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