IWB Holster Review: Ruger LCP II Concealment Express

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Hello, everybody! It’s Andrew. Today, so it’s much better. Hey, you outdoor enthusiasts eighty-eight here again right at the rain sting kind of goofing off having a little bit of a range day. It’s about eighty-five degrees here in North Carolina the clouds are kind of helping a little bit. But it is hot and sweaty and humid plenty of bugs, but still a lot of fun out here. I actually got this new hat right here. I might have noticed there that you could buy a company called notch and you see these little notches on the side.

Ruger LCP II – Concealment Express

It’s actually really nice if you want to bring that brim really nice and far down and you actually go and can kind of put goggles glasses sunglasses safety goggles. Whatever you want and it really kind of rides in that notch which is really good? If you want to kind of keep that brim down which is kind of neat so little not to put a link down? Where I got this from below but I definitely need on a hot day like this so out here reviewing this new holster by consuming Express now concealment.

Express isn’t a new company because I did a review on their Smith & Wesson shield culture in the waistband but this is a new offering for the Ruger LCP. So it’s one of the few offerings for in the waistband of course LCP – is much thinner than the shield and of course. The holster is the same way and we’ll get a closer look at this in the tabletop here in a minute.

But it has the same kind of operation as the other whole set of review for the shield you actually pivot the clip here to go in appendix carry as well as around the belt only the 5 o’clock position. You see is very smooth hold steady and of course this being a real thin firearm. You really don’t have to worry too much about it printing very much. I mean it’s a really easy way to carry this gun of course. You have the way to carry it in the pocket and I’ll show you guys a holster again.

When I get back on the table here but really I mean as soon as this is. It’s really nice to go to concealed carry this way and it really doesn’t have any bulk to it. If you’re sitting a chair or so driving in the car. It’s really nice that way so go ahead and take a closer look at the table show you guys a little more detail and we’re back at the table with the Ruger LCP 2 and the consumer and express carbon fiber in the waistband holster this of course and which be considered the best kydex iwb holster.

The benefits of Ruger LCP II for you

I made out of Kydex and has a nice carbon fiber finish to it. Now, these are the same holsters that I reviewed for the shield except of course on a much smaller scale as you can tell they’re but they actually look very similar and they work really well. I’ve had any problems with them your Ruger LCP 2 or LCP does come with actually my just vltp 2 at this point comes with this holster right here.

I don’t remember if the LCP came with this thing or not thinking with little bag but lv2 comes to a little pocket holster in the pocket holster and this one this does is it has a little-rubberized strap and when you put in the pocket the strap, as well as a lip of the bottom, will have helped you draw the pistol without actually taking the holster with you. So that it works ok but if you want some more options for concealed carry this in the waistband holster is an excellent option.

It actually retains really well no foam there a good retention system as a screw right here kind of tighten it down but it also can draw really easily it comes from the factory pretty little tension down. I don’t have too much to it all draws really nicely the good thing about Kydex is that they won’t wear on your slide very much. Which is good to be carrying the term for a while now it does cover the magazine release about half way.

So you don’t really have to worry too much about that doesn’t seem to really be a problem. I will say that you might have noticed. I had to kind of stand a little bit the edges here this part the part facing your body. If you had a 5 o’clock position this part right here kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I think I ended up going and just going around with a file and just kind of smoothing it off.

I didn’t know it’s the same issue with the shield. I don’t think I had to sand any of that actually.So I look something like a pre-sanded it and finished off nicely in the factory though this looks a little more rounded off. So I think just maybe this being a new pistol a new offering with a new holster that is kind of learning. I don’t know but I just clean it up a little bit looks great now feels better when you can still carry it the other option.

Which is pretty cool in the back here you have the same system as little one does. Where can you actually go from a 15 degree can down to like a zero more like a one or two? But so as you loosen these screws out here with a Philips screwdriver and it heads on the back of these. So you can actually hold them if you want to take them all the way out. But you don’t have to so once you lose them up.

You can actually go and tilt this down for that down like a zero degree for appendix carry what we just want to 0 degrees can’t then. It’s going to look like this straight up and down as an excellent pistol for a concealed carry like this. Because it’s very little footprint. It’s already a thin firearm and of course. You can go and can’t it back up sink it down or up. There’s actually a single point here with a screw and there’s a double hole here they can go up and down like this and I just go and tighten it down.

If you want more information about Ruger LCP II – Concealment Express, you can watch the video below:

Which everywhere you want and won’t go anywhere so there you go? I think I might be it guys: I mean there’s no it doesn’t really have any other weird spots to it doesn’t have any weird spots to it? I haven’t really noticed any problems with the holster itself this notice how the L 52 likes to snag a little bit that is really jamming in there kind of stiff magazine release. But not too bad it kind of works this way after a little bit so X a little holster option.

I think it’s actually a little more easy to carry this and put in a pocket this tends to be kind of jingle around quite a bit in the pocket. Now I’ll put in some cargo shorts or someone sometimes. This course makes a little more secure you know where it is but again you have to conceal it as you saw it doesn’t really print very much. Unless you wearing the kind of tight t-shirt or something like that but with appendix carry. This is a much easier carry because there’s nothing really too bulky sticking out to kind of get in your way. So thanks for reading guys let me answer your questions below and share my post like. Please follow me!

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