Review : C6 LED Headlight Remplacement Conversion Kit COB 6000k Pure White Bulb

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Ladies gentlemen and others welcome to a LED headlight presentation everything that you see. Here if we hit the thousand lights and thousand subs, will be a draft so you will get a chance to win it.

Review : C6 LED Headlight Remplacement Conversion Kit COB 6000k Pure White Bulb

You might be wondering, why should I switch to led in my car ? Well those are elegant boats. They will last you for around like, what five thousand hours ? They cost around like 60 bucks or a pair and we went out there and search for a product. That will be made with LED will cost you the same price will last you 50,000 hours and you will get a better lighting out of it. So i would like to this. I will turn off my light later. I will light you this but first thing first.

Compare two models of C6 Led Headlights

Let’s take a look at this product are you have two different kinds those are the model c6 and considered the Best LED Headlights for all car types. You can see that the boxing is very well made and in the back all in one compact design imported high-power flip-chip standard beam pattern car inspection standards. So you won’t get in any trouble if you install this in your car.

Because it is simple take out plug-and-play and it won’t be too strong for the road. Its standard for the road so now eat electric separated technology more secure more efficient high speed cooling fan and for set cooling. So you have some cooling in dares of sorry stop 50,000 hour it’s even better it’s 50,000 hours and each of them.

It’s 38 watts so you have some little our information here so pretty basic and it’s 5500 lumens that’s because they have some high and low on the one the one that only do the hives are three thousand eight hundred lumens like those one here, which are the h-11 see that the packaging is well done just simply remove the one that should happen tegus allows and bulbs out to them in their recycling bin and by you one of those and you have in few different models.

You can have it in h1, h3, h4, h 7, h 9, 8 also H 11 H 13800 8880 1 d 2 c RS 909 thousand four nine thousand seven nine thousand five hb3 nine thousand six h p4 and nine thousand twelve so that’s a lot of model that. You can switch out so check online on your car or chip in the instruction manual that car came with now you will see the light that. you need to replace.  

You have some instruction use user manual headlight auto LED lighting system so professional or not can install it yourself don’t try to open it well that’s some common sense paper here. You have those four little indication so remove the old halogen lamp unlock the button put it in first and basically this will differ on what kind of car. You have but only have four steps to do and let’s take the product out and see that there is a fan here at the bottom.

So it will be I will never get hot actually so it will cool by itself, when it’s are getting hot have another one here which is very well done and do’s model. Now they only come in high so you only have to pin this one will do the higher the low. So I will light them up so sit down there and hold on a few minutes. I’ll be back alright before lighting up deuce about and LEDs.

I just wanted to show you how crappy a Allegan bulbs look like so hold on if I can find my two little pin here see. That it’s bright but it’s not that bright and it’s a warmish color. So it’s more like a yellow color and do one will get hot very quickly. Oh well, one but let’s go here and take out those LED bulbs replacement, which are more simple to use see the difference.

More than, you can hear the fan already started to work and it’s more cool white so better lighting and people will see you from afar. This is the first model and this one is better than as you have some high and low on it so hold on have it here the high end as for the low. Well,it was bright and only the low so it’s up to you to choose. You can choose whichever you want and they will work both work the same so great product not that expensive along.

I’ll turn on my light now be back with you right away so are those LED are head replacement light worth it well of course . It is because you will pay around 50 60 bucks for allegan light, which will last you 5000 hours versus the same price for 60,000 our do the math. However, you want this is the way to go not that expensive and it will last you for a long time. So guys thank you for reading if you want to win this one of those – not the allergen one of course just click the like button share on our blog.

If you want to learn more about c6 led headlights. You can watch the video below :

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