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Hello, everybody! It’s Mike. Today we are looking at the caterpillar second shift.

Cat Second Shift Steel Toe

Since caterpillar started making work boots the second shift has been in the line. I don’t see it going anywhere mainly. Because it’s probably the most dependable durable mid-range price boot that you could possibly pick up out there, today heavy duty slip resistant oil resistant rubber sole. It’s a heavy duty chunky salt, but it’s a good soul and it’s a solid piece.

It’s not layers and layers of rubber that are going to peel away. It’s one solid piece and it’s glued to a well now the second shift is a fully welded boot and it is the most comfortable work boots. So that makes it a little bit more work-friendly a little bit more stable a little bit stronger. It’s not the best welding process in the world, but we’re not talking about handmade boots here. We’re talking about a price point heavy duty work boot that actually lives up to all those claims the leather hard thick dependable strong.

It’s not waterproof, but it is a beautiful hard chunk of leather inside. You’re going to find a nice polyester lining. That’s going to help maintain the moisture content inside this boot but with a leather. That’s this thick and aligning like that they are going to get a little swampy by the end of the day. So you do have to open them up and dry them out now deep down inside their way back down there in that insole section caterpillar glues down the insole.

I’m not a big fan of anybody, who’s gluing down insoles but for something. That’s at this price point. I’m going to give them a pass on that because they actually build this boot a little bit taller and a little bit wider they know that you guys out there are going to be picking up aftermarket insoles. You’re going to doctor up this thing to fit so they leave a little bit of extra room underneath that steel toe out of the box with that glue down insole and you can make this thing pretty much a custom fit so the laces the hardware in its speed laces.

It’s nice stuff. It’s nice to see an inexpensive boot using really heavy duty speed lace though, it is just a bent piece of metal. It is flanged on the inside so bending it back towards. You are going to take a lot of pressure and collapsing it in on itself is also going to take a lot of pressure. They do use two rivets in order hold them in place. So it isn’t like most where you find one and it’s just waiting to be ripped out caterpillar second shift. It’s got a lot of great little details for an inexpensive boot.

My Favorite Part About The Boot

Now probably my favorite part about the boot and about being able to talk about the boot is that they make it from size 5 to 16 and mediums and wides. So they really cover the spectrum they understand. That there are new guys coming into the workforce.They really don’t have a lot of scratches they need to buy a decent boot so caterpillar builds a decent boot and they cover all those sizes. Now they make this thing in four different colors three different shades of brown and the black and they make it in Steel Toe and non-Steel Toe as you can see this is the steel toe model.

It actually is a piece of magnetic steel in there so like I said it’s an inexpensive boot and they’re using steel. So this actually gives you more of a real practical first time buyers work boot having a composite could completely compromise somebody’s first work boot. They drop something on it they’re new to work and it’s going to be one of those points. That’s going to get impacted now the second shift is not the lightest boot out there and given the heavy leather given this solid sole and a really good welding process.

It shouldn’t be light at all so a pair of them and size 12 with the laces in and the insoles in and there’s nothing else in there is 4.6 pounds. Now really that’s not that heavy there is some more comfortable more expensive booze out there that are going to weigh a heck of a lot more but for a basic non-waterproof non-insulated just a basic boot 4.6 pounds. I think you could get away with that and I think this shouldn’t be your everyday boot. But if it is your everyday boot.

It’s going to last you. I’ve seen guys get nine months to a year out of this thing and for obvious reasons. It’s built like a tank but if this is going to be your everyday boot consider buying a second pair of the exact same thing just. So you can dry this thing out and you can give it a day or two to just breathe and relax. So that’s the caterpillar second shift in black and steel toe.

If you’ve ever warned a caterpillar second shift before if this is one of your first work boots or if you’re still wearing the second shift please comment below. Let guys know why you’re still buying this type of boot and just if it is as durable as everybody tells me it is if you want to see some detailed photos of the sole of the hardware or just the insides of the boot swing by to boot guy.

I’ll have all that there plus. I’ll have a couple of links to the other different colors and sizes. They’ll make it a little bit easier getting a pair of these on your feet. Hey please don’t forget to hit share button below. It really helps out and if you want to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I post photos of boots all day long stuff I come in contact with people that I meet. I’m always putting something up there.

If you want to more information about the most comfortable work boots, you can watch the video below to reference :

If you’re about to buy a pair of these and any of the colors any of the sizes and you just got some questions that you can’t find answers to out there on the net feel free to shoot me over an email alright and to the next time. I’m Mike – the boot guy thank you for reading and follow me!

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