About Us

Our Story

Scrap In Style TV is the result of a dream…a really big dream, like a “I’m gonna run for senator someday” kind of dream. It was something I really never thought would actually happen. Developing and hosting a TV show that combines my passion for scrapbooking, with (ok, confession time) my love of performing and being in front of the camera? Impossible! I mean I’m 36 years old, I have five children, I thought my life was pretty well set out before me. But here we are, almost three years after the idea was first offered up by my husband, Bob. Yep, here we are and it is real, and it has turned out exactly how I envisioned it would be. I mean it’s taken some turns and evolved a lot from its original conception, but now it’s become exactly what I would personally want from a show like this. Yeah, it’s crafty and everything, but it’s also part reality show and part talk show. You got your education, your information AND (hopefully) your entertainment. I promise that you’re not just going to sit there and watch me make stuff all the time. I mean, you can watch yourself make stuff, right? You don’t need to watch me do it! Well, not all the time, anyway. You’re going to see things that are centered around the scrapbooking lifestyle…like interviews with popular designers, fun challenges that you can take with your friends, and even watching a piece of paper go from an idea to the foundation of a memory evoking piece of art. When it came time to start pitching the show to networks, I just kept having this nagging feeling that as soon as a network picked up the show, it would change. Like I would lose creative control and end up having to produce something that I wasn’t completely proud of. I just knew that I had a strong vision for it, and I would be devastated if I had to sway too far from it. I needed to do something to ensure that didn’t happen. With the popularity of YouTube.com and OnDemand television programming, it seemed obvious that Web based TV was the wave of the future. People can watch whenever they want, commercial free and as often as they like. And a niche show like this seemed a perfect candidate for this new kind of programming. Offering what we are calling the “Lo Fi” version of the show on the web, we hope to create awareness and popularity of it to the public in it’s pure format. That way if a cable network were to come along with interest, they can see that our format has already been proven to some extent via the Internet and they would allow us to retain creative control. So for now we are producing everything ourselves. There’s no big studio or cable network backing us and telling us what products we have to feature or how long each episode needs to be. It’s total creative freedom, which is kind of the point of this show to begin with!

Our Philosophy

PLEASE, do not let the whole “in Style” thing intimidate or scare you. “Style” is all about being confident in who you are and how you express that. It’s not about using the trendiest techniques or just emulating someone else’s expression of themselves (don’t get me wrong, I’m all about finding inspiration through others, but ultimately, you want to take that inspiration and put your own twist on it so that it becomes yours.) Don’t be afraid of the creative choices you want to make…no one will judge you here. I have a friend who once said, “You know, I just want to be able to use Suzy’s Zoo stickers on a page once in a while without people making fun of me!” Well darn it, we don’t ever want people to feel like that here! I’m not trying to create some elitist clique of scrapbookers. High school is over people! My biggest hope is that you come here and feel welcomed by our design team and the other SISters. Whether you have been scrapbooking for half your life or you just got your first roll of film developed in ten years and thought you might try preserving them in some way, the point is to get you excited about creating. Period. I truly believe that we are all driven to create in some way. Now, this may offend some people, but I want to be true to who I am here, and when someone says to me “Oh, I’m just not creative.” I respond to them by saying, “I believe that we were all created in the image of God. God created the universe, so how can you say you’re not creative?” That’s just simple algebra! If a=b and b=c, then a=c, or whatever…I was never really good at algebra. But you get my point, right? Keeping memories is important, and doing it with style is important too, because when you apply your style to your pages, they are going to mean so much more to you and to the generations after you.

Our Website

I have to say that ScrapInStyleTV.com is one cool website…(can I say that without sounding like I’m bragging? I don’t mean to brag, it’s not like I designed or programmed it…I’m just making an observation. 🙂 ) Once you’ve become a registered “SISter”, you will develop your personal profile. After that, you can upload your work and photos in public or private portfolios, get tips from our amazing design team, “The Fashionistas”, send private messages to other SISters, keep track of your “favorite SISters” and their work, see who has left comments on your layouts and other work, and of course shop for unique scrapbooking products, many of which are exclusive to SIS TV. You’re going to find features here that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. We surveyed a lot of people to find out exactly what they wanted from a website of this nature and tried to implement as many of those ideas as possible (I mean we did have a deadline and I’m also not independently wealthy, but we did our best. ?) This thing is SO user friendly, it’s crazy. Every thumbnail pops up to a larger image just by rolling over it, and if you click on the thumbnail you’ll get an even bigger image. Uploading stuff is a breeze, everything is laid out plain and clear. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It all just makes SO much sense. Don’t take my word for it, go play around and I’m sure you’ll be impressed (but don’t leave just yet, I have more things to tell you!)

Our Community

The Scrap In Style TV is a community of “SISters” (How cute is that? Sorry guys, but we’ll try to make up a name just for you.) It’s a place where you will be inspired, challenged, encouraged, and motivated to rock your photos! We like to think of it like one big family, hence the name “SISters”. (We’re not all creepy or cultish or anything, it’s just a cute name so we all feel warm and fuzzy and who doesn’t want that? Ok, well that person we’ll just refer to as “User”.) Over the last few years the online scrapbooking community has become an incredible entity. It’s huge, diverse and pretty powerful. It’s not always nice, though. When you have a hobby that is made up of 99% women, some claws are going to come out. (I’m not trying to betray my gender or anything, but you have to admit it’s kind of true). I SO don’t want that to happen here. I don’t mean to be all Pollyanna and stuff, but we are really just about encouraging people in their scrapbooking journey and life in general. No haters allowed! 🙂 They don’t call me “Big SISter” for nothing…it’s not ONLY because I’m sweet and kind and nurturing…it’s also because I’m on these boards a lot, interacting just like you and I’m always watching out for everyone. I’m all for free expression and sharing opinions, but I’m more for people being kind and if I see those two things in conflict or if I am alerted to things on the boards that don’t fit in with the mission of this company, I will delete the message and then call you on the phone and sing “Why Can’t We Be Friends” by War at the top of my lungs. Trust me, you don’t want that. So play nice. I don’t want to be all Castro-ish and stuff but I can’t in good conscience allow something hateful or mean to be directed at one of my SISters on the website that’s attached to my name, you know? We all need to vent at times, but we can be constructive with it, can’t we?..Oh, they’re totally gonna post about this on the mean blogs, huh? *sigh*

Our Boutique

OK, you’ve probably noticed that everything around here has a fashion or style moniker. I just really like themes, and making up fun names to go with the themes. Actually, our online store is like a real boutique in a lot of ways. Many of our products are exclusive to our site. Our Designer paper collections are limited editions and will only be run one time unless otherwise noted. Some of our “collections” are hand selected by the Featured Designer for that month, and some of the designers have even designed product especially for SIS TV and will only be available here, for a limited time. You’ll also find some smaller lines that you may not see much of in your local scrapbooking store. We’re scouring the Internet to find the best new products out there that you may never have heard of. We also manufacturer a lot of our own products, which allows us to purchase quality items but sell them at a reasonable price since we’ve eliminated the middle man (no offense, LSS’ it’s just business). 🙂 When you become a premium member, you’re buying a pretty sweet package. Your first kit is included in the price, as well as a bunch of other stuff which really makes it a “no brainer”. For example, right now with an annual Premium Membership for $64.95, you’re getting the Kelli Crowe Designer Collection, a 12×12 leather Anthologie Album (formerly called Bay Box) from Scrapworks, and a quilted fleece bag embroidered with the SIS TV logo. Plus, if you ever buy any of the future collections, not only do you get to reserve your next Designer Collection a week before they go on sale, you will also receive $2 off every Designer Collection that you buy for the duration of your membership. In addition we’re giving you 10% off all other Boutique purchases, plus you’ll be automatically upgraded to premium shipping for free which will get you your stuff a little quicker. (But the coolest thing is that your photo thumbnail in the galleries and message boards is going to be all special and stuff. You’ll see. (wink, wink) Ok, maybe that’s not the coolest thing, but it is cool. I want to stress one major thing about the Premium Membership: it does not obligate you to ever buy a Designer Collection or anything else from the boutique. It’s simply a special membership to the website and boutique with lots of cool perks. We aren’t going to automatically send you a Collection if you forget to tell us you don’t want one… we’re not trying to be one of those CD/DVD clubs or anything, where they suck you in with a great deal at the beginning and then force you to buy overpriced products for the next two years. Most people hate that, and I would never offer that… I only try to offer things that I personally feel are great deals. In fact I was the kid in the neighborhood who had a Kool-Aid stand where it was buy one get one free! Not to mention the fact that when Kool-Aid went on sale for $.05 each, I somehow computed that to be 50 packs for $1 but I was too embarrassed to put any back when the cashier gave me my total. (You can see why one, that wasn’t the most profitable summer of my Kool-Aid empire, and two, my siblings and I had permanent Kool-Aid mustaches for the next two years after that.) All I’m saying is that I try to make the best deals I possibly can for everyone.