The Danger of a Car Battery Charger Explosion

A car battery charger is not a big device on your car, but the explosion of it can become a dangerous incident that you should not ignore. When you want to read more to choose best car battery charger, do not miss out this issue as it probably can make a risk. For this reason, this is the time to find out how it is big…

How can a battery charger blow up?

Car batteries are also known as a lead-acid because they use plates of lead caused by sulfuric acid to keep and minimize electrical energy.

This technology has been used since the 18th century and it is not extremely effective from the energy from weight to volume position.

Nonetheless, they still have a good power-to-weight percentage. It means that they have high-quality at giving the high levels of current demand by automotive beginners.

The downfalls of these batteries are a lot. They are not an effective way to hold energy because they are made from hazardous materials.

These ought to interact in some ways that create dangerous situations. This is the reason why you should pay more attention to the car battery charger as this is a potential bomb that you are keeping in your home!

However, sometimes you possibly hear car battery charger explosion in the local news. This is because of sulfuric impacts to the inside battery.

With small amounts of hydrogen gas in the internal battery during the process of discharge and charging, hydrogen is easily exploded.

Please note that even if a battery charger has discharged in the point, hydrogen surely makes a “boom” accident if it is waiting for a burning source.

The similar situation will happen in the car battery charger when it has been charged and discharged at a higher voltage.

How to prevent an explosion from the car battery charger?

In fact, there are 2 basic ignition sources that you should pay attention to. These could be evaded with careful using, charging, jumping, and maintaining for a while.

The first source is a spark made when disconnecting or connecting a jumper again. It even happens when you charging cable only! This is the reason why we need to connect bare metal on the motor or frame is better than the battery.

If you link the negative jumper cable to the battery itself, any possible hydrogen amount could be exploded by the next spark. It is better to wait a few minutes to turn on until the charger is connected.

The second reason comes from the inside battery even if the ignition source is still hydrogen gas. The problem is that if a battery is not truly maintained and the electrolyte level can drop, the lead plates will go with oxygen and the shape is curved.

This probably happens the touching and plates flexing during the drain when you begin the motor, which enables to make a spark in the battery charger. Hydrogen in the battery ought to wake up to cause an explosion at any time.

How to have a safety connection in the jumper cable of a car battery charger?

There are some general rules to support you securely connect jumper cables, but there are also a few special situations which replace those rules.

Before running your car to give a jumpstart, get a jump from others or make a charger to your battery. The first thing you should do is checking the manual to ensure your car does not have any nomination points other than your car battery charger only.

If your car has a battery which is gotten somewhere weird, then this will be a great opportunity that you can use a junction block or some remote connections.

Some steps to take jumper cables safely

  •    Step 1: Make sure all keys are in the off condition
  •    Step 2: Attach a jumper cable to the positive terminal of the donor battery
  •    Step 3: Take the similar cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery
  •    Step 4: Put the other jumper cable to the negative terminal of the donor battery
  •   Step 5: Get the other end of the cable to bare metal on the engine or frame of your car with the dead battery

Some elements in the car battery charger you should know


It is used in most nickel-cadmium batteries which seem to be more dangerous than lead if consumed.


Lead is a harsh chemical which easily can enter the body by inhalation way from dust. Or it also comes to your body when your hands touch the lead and put in your mouth. If the lead leaked on the surface, acid and lead components add the soil and it could get airborne when dry.

Sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid in a lead-acid environment of the battery is strongly corrosive and is much more damaging than acids used in other battery systems. If these put in your eyes, it will cause permanent blindness. Or it could lead to death when these swallow to your inside organs.

See more:

Final Words

If you get a chance to see an explosion from a car in the street, you will want to check your car battery charger immediately. It is so terrible and sufferers have to face several bad injuries on their mental health and physical as well. I do not want to make you panic, but this is a hurt true!

Saudi Arabia’s Political Purge

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There has been a lot of news this week out of Saudi Arabia, which is basically America’s kooky rich uncle who occasionally beheads people. We all have one. But over the weekend, the kingdom went through some serious turmoil.

TV REPORTER: Breaking news. TV REPORTER: Breaking news out of Saudi Arabia. Palace intrigue to the nth degree. We’re seeing a truly historic upheaval unfold right now. A royal purge in Saudi Arabia. Rounding up several high profile people. Major arrests in Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, a Saudi prince and several colleagues were killed in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

Saudis also intercepted a ballistic missile, that missile fired from Yemen. TV REPORTER: What in the world is going on in Saudi Arabia? The biggest story by far, is the heir to the throne, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, right? Who has been arresting most of the other princes, a sheik-ton of them? Saudi Arabia has more princes than a Minneapolis Halloween party. It’s so hard to keep track of these people. And that’s what makes this story peculiar, right?

Saudi Arabia is ruled by one big family, the House of Saud. So right now, we don’t really know if we need to send in the UN, or Andy Cohen. And the kingdom is calling this a crackdown on corrupt princes, but I don’t know if you buy it, because they’re Saudi princes. Like, what do you mean “corruption”? Like, they already have all the money. Just look at this prince’s private airplane. Look at that.

That’s his normal ride. How do you bribe that guy? As, as it turns out, as it turns out, there might be more going on here than just corruption. What’s being presented as a crackdown on corruption, in my opinion, that’s a total smokescreen for what this is, is an abrupt consolidation of power by the crown prince and the elimination of rivals. Wait a minute. Consolidating power and getting rid of his political rivals. I wonder how President Trump feels about this whole thing?

President Trump is responding to the rapidly moving developments in Saudi Arabia. In two tweets yesterday, Trump endorsed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s new corruption crackdown, tweeting, quote, “I have great confidence in King Salman “and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. They know exactly what they are doing.” Of course, Trump loves this. Locking up political rivals is Trump’s wet dream.

He probably phoned the prince and he was like, (mimics Trump): “Is it true? It is true that you’re locking up all the enemies?” He’s like, (Egyptian accent): “That’s right, Donald. All of them. (mimics Trump): “Even Hillary? (Egyptian accent): “No, Donald, this is a different country. (mimics Trump); Oh, sad.” (laughter and applause) (normal voice): Now, now, look, I’m not saying that Trump endorsed these arrests, but I’m not saying that he didn’t.

The crown prince now has ties to Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, who actually took an unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia just days before this mass purge, and was reportedly up until 4:00 a.m., hanging out with the crown prince. Oh. Goddamn, J. Kush and the prince up till 4:00 a.m. Yeah. What could they possibly have been doing?

Now, to be fair, the situation in Saudi Arabia is a lot more complicated than that, right? The crown prince isn’t just trying to grab power, he’s also trying to modernize Saudi Arabia. Side-lining the old guard could let him diversify the economy, and expand women’s rights. So the kingdom might become more autocratic, but it also might become more free, which is a paradox, you know?

It’s like how not being monogamous can actually strengthen a relationship, you know? I mean, I’m, I’m not saying that would be a good idea, I’m-I’m just saying experts have found this to be true. Which a couple could test if certain people weren’t so rigid, but I’m just pointing that out. But no matter what the reasons, long story short, long story short, these princes are being detained and Saudi Arabia is Saudi Arabia, they’re being held in Riyadh’s harshest accommodations.

If you want to know more information about Saudi Arabia, you can watch the video below:

11 princes and nearly 40 current or former officials detained, reportedly being held at the lavish Ritz Carlton in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. Arrested at the Ritz Carlton? Wow. That’s how you know your country’s rich, the world’s best hotel is your prison. It definitely makes it hard to complain about being oppressed. “I am been caged like an animal! “My rights are being curtailed! Alexa, play some mood music!” And the warden is probably like, “Hey, quiet down, or you go to the Marriott!” “No!”

How To Groom A Husky! Removing Undercoat

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The obvious question how much do the ski shed? What does up my Blog and welcome to another crib on an excursion if you guys enjoyed this post. Don’t forget it that thumbs up to follow me.

How To Groom A Husky!

This is the Furminator. It’s the older version they have a version now where it has a button or like takes off all the fur as you can see this is undercoat falling off that. The undercoat what this does is it goes deep into their fur and removes the undercoat. So this is a special brush this type of brush is extremely needed since these dogs have two sets of coats during hot weather.

I really recommend for you to remove your dog’s undercoat unless fur your husky has the cooler. They’re going to remain during cold winter seasons. It’s always best just don’t groom them at least don’t groom them with this undercoat brush. There are other brushes where it targets the top coat on this when it gets too excited he just has to do something these hogs have a beedi.

So he just scratches himself or accepts a deal like this is the second type of brush. I recommend you owning. What this does is it removes? The top coat so after you brush your dog removing all the only coat. You’re going to need this to remove all the top coat of the loose all the loose hair now luckily. My dog really enjoys getting brushed depends on your nose was done.

My tips for you when grooming for husky

When you’re brushing always brush the direction the hair is going you never want to remove fur. That’s not supposed to be removed kick your ass dude here’s.  What do you need in order to brush your husky successfully see what the new furminator has? It has a button like this or just removes all the first always try to keep the fur so the neighbors won’t get any fur, of course, the trash is out here.

So I’m just throwing gum for to successfully grew a dog you need a brush that targets the undercoat. I took office call it just so I could brush that area to brush your dog in even portions you never want to keep brushing an area for too long. You’re going to make your dog bold. Because this removes all the undercoat, brush your dog evenly all throughout his body.

You’re going to want to brush for husky about 15 minutes. The next, you will remove all of their undercoats. That is when you use the top coat brush and you could kind of tell which one the undercoat. Because it’s it looks nastier. It’s popping out of it. That’s the ones, you don’t want the soft hair to brush their tail. These dogs have a lot of furs this bald portion well. How to flip your dog if he is super come you’re going to spend most of your time in this back section.

I know that some of his hair is turning brown. I think that’s a sign always brush the direction. The fur is going always get the chest all you like it right there hopefully.  I’m sorry after you’ve brushed your dog all of his body even lead with the Furminator. The next thing, you can have to do is remove all of the loose hair they have all around their body. So that’s when this top coat brush comes in brush your dog evenly all throughout the body maybe once or twice.

So you can see he’s pretty much not though get up good boy come on get up the good boy. You can be a little rougher with this brush. I’m eating a lot of hairs, got owners lows it dried up. There cooing your dog is going to make them appear alive screaming pick up all the fur throw it away. If you have done this correctly your husky should be groomed. Let’s go over the steps on how to groom your Huskies?

You need a brush that targets the undercoat.  The Furminator – this brush is really needed in order to brush for husky successfully. Because of the undercoat brush them for about 15 minutes evenly all throughout the body then you’re going to need a tap code brush and I purchased. This one I believe like at Ross or something. I don’t really know where you could get one of these.

If you want to know more information to groom for your husky, you can watch the video below to reference:

But I’m pretty sure you guys can find one of these would be easy to find these two brushes are all you need in order to groom your husky. Goodbye!

Reassessing the Same Old Debate on Gun Control in American

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In America, the discussion around gun control always seems to go around in circles, ending in the same place.

Discussion Around Gun Control

Here to try and help explain more on this is my good friend Neal Brennan, everybody. Neal, I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling with this, man. Can you help me figure out guns in America? Look, dude, at this point, this issue is a lot like John Travolta’s Botox face: there’s no movement.

Everyone’s going with the same old arguments. The left wants changes, the right doesn’t. But you know who had a unique view on this? Bill O’Reilly. He wrote a blog post on which, based on his sexual history, -I assumed was a porn site. Is it not porn? No, it’s like news and stuff. But here’s what he said about the Vegas shooting.

Yo, that crazy. I agree, but you got to appreciate that honesty. That’d be like Six Flags saying, “Yeah, you might die on a roller coaster, but do you want to meet Bugs Bunny or not?” Well, But my thing is I just don’t understand why, when guns are clearly a problem, people still don’t want to talk about guns.

Dude, you’re thinking about it wrong. They’re not arguing about guns, they’re arguing about freedom. Guns are just the symbol. You ever get in a fight with your girlfriend and you’re like, “Babe, what’s the big deal? I just dropped socks next to the bed,” and she’s like, “It’s not about socks, it’s about your need “for a mother figure and I don’t want to feel like I’m the son”? Too personal? Maybe a little bit.

What you’re saying is guns are actually just a symbol of freedom. Yeah. Everything in America is about symbols. That why the Colin Kaepernick kneeling thing got so crazy. For a lot of people, he wasn’t protesting against police violence, he was protesting the national anthem, and that’s the symbol for everything– the troops, bald eagles, mattress sales, Tom Hanks, type 2 diabetes– you know, America.

If guns are that powerful a symbol, then no one will ever get gun control. That’s where you’re wrong. The only way to fight a symbol is a symbol. And what’s the only symbol as powerful as guns? My… m-my face? Rhymes with “face,” starts with an “R…” -Oh, race? -That’s correct. -Oh, blackness. -That… Yes, blackness– I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this– heavily symbolic in this country. Well, but what-what do black people symbolize in America? How about you start? I don’t know, for some people, black people symbolize physical strength.

A threat to white dominance and big penises. That’s what I thought, then we went to the gym together. That was cold… It was a cold day. And I’ve seen your sex tape. That’s not a real thing. It’s not the point. What I’m saying: how are black people powerful enough as a symbol to fix the gun issue? It’s happened.

More information at here:

Back in 1967, a heavily-armed group of Black Panthers marched into-into the California state capitol and, wouldn’t you know it, within 12 weeks, the state of California, under Governor Ronald Reagan, passed a new gun control law called the Mulford Act. Damn– less than three months. They might as well have called it the “These Got Guns Act.” Agreed. And that’s the point. If we want gun control, here’s what we do. NFL players, listen to me. This Sunday, instead of taking a knee stand during the national anthem and, above your head, hold an AR-15. We’ll have new gun control legislation by halftime. Neal Brennan, everybody. Please follow ScrapinStyleTV to receive more information about American.

Guide Buy: Segway miniPro by Ninebot

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All right so you’re probably wondering why are we even checking this thing out. It’s called the Segway mini Pro by 9.9 BOTS a company that acquired Segway back in 2014 and you probably know Segways reputation for making those Segway scooters that. You’re used to seeing at the mall beings by mall security but the Segway mini Pro is essentially a more slimmed down version of that and it’s also consumer friendly now a lot of people will probably tell you and which be considered Best kids hoverboard.

Segway miniPro by Ninebot

This is a hoverboard of some kind and we know the kind of reputation hoverboards have. They were big last holiday season but after safety issues some accidents and also them being been specific cities. It didn’t go well for hoverboards so say what this product is better. It’s actually the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. Because it utilizes various technologies to make it far better and also has a smartphone aspect.

Because it’s connected via Bluetooth to your device the person that really drew me into the Segway mini pro designs, it’s definitely a lot more stylish and aggressive and that’s evident with the black paint job and red accents found throughout the device. It’s also a lot beefier healthier than most hoverboards. Because the foundation the frame itself is built from a super light durable magnesium alloy gives it a lot of strength and integrity and on top of that too you could sense that there is something more to this.

Because it’s put together by 2/10 1/2 inch pneumatic air-filled tires and they are substantial, to say the least there are also a lot of LEDs found throughout the mini pro. It’s smart enough that at night. They’ll turn on the front LEDs to help illuminate the path you have also LEDs for when you’re braking or reversing turning a left or right and all of them are actually customizable.

So you can choose specific colors for different actions what differentiates it from other hoverboards is the center column. It sticks out so basically you use this instead of a column to actually move left or right you steer towards specific directions and it kind of rests right at your knees. So you’re basically tilting your knees to the left or right to move towards those directions.

I think this is a far safer implementation than a hoverboard where you’re basically tilting your feet one foot back one foot forward and kind of throws. You a little bit off-balance. This doesn’t really impede the balance within the operation another thing that differentiates. This is smartphone integration. It connects via Bluetooth you download the United by an app to your Android smartphone and allows you to customize the LED lights.

You could calibrate the unit you can also obtain Diagnostics information. You could even control it remotely with the app and there’s also an anti-security alarm feature that will notify you an event that. It’s being tampered with or moved around but of course, this all hinges on the range of your Bluetooth connectivity. Because once you’re in that range if someone touches it.

Some of my advice for you

You’re not going to get that notification until that connection is re-established and at that point when it does they’re probably long gone with the unit. I’ve been using this for over a week now and I gotta say for someone who’s ever used a hoverboard. You’ll naturally fit in. You’ll easily get the balancing right away if this your first time using a personal transportation device that relies on balance.

It might have a slight learning curve but it’s pretty simple and I found to be pretty safe for the most part so just like most hoverboards. It’s all about finding that center of gravity why don’t you establish that getting on getting off moving forward moving back turning is a breeze. I had a lot of fun using it actually there were only two situations. Where I found using the mini pro a little bit troublesome.

The first one is uneven terrain that opposed some issues just because if you’re moving very quickly. You might be thrown off balance and secondly is going downhill at a fast speed. Now going uphill fast speed is not a problem. Because I’m leaning forward with the unit but going downhill very fast you. I get a sense of being unbalanced and you also want to just play it safe and be cautious.

When you’re doing that I did, however, have one incident. Where I got the Segway Pro Mini Pro but my t-shirt kind of got caught on the center column and then the mini Pro just started turning left and it just you know kind of grazed me on my ankle. So I guess you got to be careful about the center column snagging you a lot of people are going to wonder whether.

It’s a practical form of personal transportation. Now I personally use a folding bike whenever. I go into the city it’s just more reliable and easy to transport as well and the Segway mini Pro is in the same caliber. It’s at 28 pounds so roughly the weight of your ordinary bike but still bulkier and heavier than most skateboards or scooters. It does have a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a range of 14 miles.

Which is great but my biggest issue with the Mini Pro. It’s not as easy to carry around there is a bar that you extend from the center call to pull it around. But when you’re trying to bring it upstairs or bring it downstairs or just carrying it around in the subway. It’s a walk. There’s a lot of effort involved in that and on top of that of course. It’s a battery pack but in the event, that battery dies.

You’re basically going to have to lug this around wherever you go the last thing you probably wanna know is worth buying it has a sticker price of $1,300 but over Amazon right now. It’s on sale for $1000 I know $1,000 is still a lot of money. But you have to think about those commercial Segway scooters which start at $5,000 easily so the savings you get here with Minko is definitely substantial still at the end day.

It’s just still too much of an expensive investment to an expert that type of adoption on a mass scale and still gonna be seen largely as a luxury thing now for half the cost. You have alternatives like a decent folding bike electric scooter or some other electric transportation device that will offer more versatility for those who really need to cover this. I’ll be the first one say that I had a lot of fun using the Mini Pro.

If you want to know more Segway miniPro, you can watch the video below to reference:

It’s cool it’s fast gets you from point A to point B relatively quickly. But it’s just still too expensive for me to like so if you guys won’t learn more about this device. You could check our blog and this is John be signing out.

Fox News: Has a Hard Time Processing the Las Vegas Shooting

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Let’s move on the story that everyone in America has been dealing with– the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Today we learned more details about the shooter. He was a 64-year-old man from Florida with no criminal record, and he owned 42 guns.

Oh, and also, apparently, he was a multimillionaire. Which means right now he doesn’t fit any profile of any mass shooter. And you know who’s having a hard time processing all of that information? The good people at Fox News. Here’s the other thing. Bin Laden, we knew who to hate. You know, you saw Sandy Hook, -we knew that mutant living in his basement. -Yeah. We don’t even know enough about him to hate him yet.

That is… that is so true. How do you hate someone who’s killed, 59 people? Uh… Because he’s not Muslim. I mean, he wasn’t known to be mentally ill. He doesn’t kneel for the anthem. He’s just a rich white guy who shot people at a country music concert. Like, how do you hate him? There’s nothing to hate. I bet someone at Fox News right now is trying to hack into 23andMe, just like, “Come on, “there’s got to be something about him, “something about him, he’s got to have some… “Ah, two percent Inuit? I’ll take it, I’ll take it.

I guess it’s kind of a burka. I’ll take it.” Since Sunday’s shooting didn’t fit any of Fox’s established narratives, they couldn’t politicize it. Right? And if they couldn’t politicize it, then I guess neither should anyone else. Can we not have a day in which we mourn before we engage in some very divisive debate over an issue on which there’s been no agreement in this country for a very long time? You truly hope that in a moment like this we can move beyond politics.

Do you need to politicize this today? Can you just stand-down for a moment? I like how FOX News says “please don’t politicize this today,” as if there’s anytime they’d be willing to talk about gun control. ‘Cause, I mean, I’m-I’m happy to wait a couple of days, but you know they’d be like, “Oh, sorry. We can’t-do Thursday. Yeah, we’re gonna be talking about Hillary’s e-mails.” Be like, “Oh, what about, what about Friday?” “No, still talking about Hillary’s e-mails.” “Next month, next year?” “Yeah, we’re gonna be swamped with the e-mails for a while. Yeah.” But I get the concern.

I mean, what kind of terrible people would push a political agenda the day after a mass shooting? A shooting like with Orlando. In the wake of this attack, you wonder whether people like that should be, you know, should be coming here. Everyone in the Muslim community, let’s be part of the solution and work together as Americans to combat radical Islamic terrorism.

It would be to the president’s best interest to rally around the country to name an enemy and a movement to stop. Anybody who’s coming from overseas, especially from the Middle East, we need to vet them out. Okay. That-that last guy’s just weird. No. It’s almost like he just doesn’t want to see his family. (with Middle Eastern accent): “We need to vet “all of the people from the Middle East, “especially my brother Hamid, “who are always trying to come here “and borrow money from me, “and we need to vet my Aunt Fatima, “who are always trying to set me up.

“I’m not getting married, Fatima. “Hashtag #SingleToMingle, okay? “Okay? Block all of them. “Block all of them! All of them.” So clearly, FOX’s whole, “don’t politicize it” is BS. Or maybe just a way to buy time while they’re figuring out how to politicize it. Right now, friends helped friends to safety, people helped strangers to safety, and law enforcement was running towards the bullet, so all those kneelers in the NFL out there, they need to recognize when they’re kneeling during the anthem, they’re kneeling, and we’re supposed to be honoring law enforcement, law enforcement that’s trying to save lives, not take lives.

Wow. Wow. Did this guy just find a way to use the mass shooting to pivot back to the NFL argument? Yeah, like, after watching this, you’d be thinking, “Hundreds of people shot in Las Vegas. Colin Kaepernick, you son of a bitch!” But-but I hear, what is his point? You’ve got to show respect to the police. Personally, I’d rather respect the police by reducing the number of guns that risk killing police. But, yeah. I mean, not kneeling is good, too. You do your thing do. Do whatever you want.

The people on FOX News are so desperate to find a narrative to grasp onto, that at times, even they couldn’t get on board with their own ideas. His brother said he didn’t believe in God, or didn’t have a God, or didn’t have faith in his life, so maybe, this is all speculation, but that possibly could be the reason. Because he knows country musicians or country music fans are normally pro-God and go to church on Sundays.

Maybe he has a problem with that or had a problem with that. -Okay. You all want to weigh-in on that. -All right. -Yeah. No. I didn’t know if… -All right, stay silent. -I didn’t know if Steve– -Let us know what you think. -Send us your e-mails. -Well– Yeah. Dear FOX News, that was hilarious. E-mail sent. Yesterday, everyone on FOX News was flailing like Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve. Everyone– Well, everyone except for one man: SpongeBob Squarehead. Imagine if the president today brought up the Second Amendment– how would the news media in this country have reacted?

There were a lot of people that raced immediately to, “Let’s talk about guns.” I’ve always been a believer that you-you got to prepare to defend yourself. And-and I had gun permits in New York and Rhode Island and California and-and… and Alabama and Georgia in my life, and I-I was trained in the use of a firearm by my parents, that had connections to law enforcement. What does that mean?

“I was trained in the use “of a firearm by my parents, that had connections to law enforcement”? The world doesn’t work like that. Like, if someone’s sick on the plane, no one screams, “Does anyone have a cousin who watched Grey’s Anatomy? Anyone?” But according to Sean Hannity, what really stops a bad guy with a gun is a Sean Hannity with a gun. This guy’s got a machine gun.

Okay, how are they gonna take him on without a weapon? Or if it’s happening within a crowd– if you’re in San Bernardino, do you want Sean Hannity, who are trained in the safety and use of a firearm in that room, so when they drop the clip and they start to reload, you got a shot, you got a chance? Okay, Sean, you answered your own question. The shooter was 400 yards away in a hotel room 32 floors up. But you’re, like, “Yeah, but if he was down on the ground “and close to me and was out of bullets, then I might have a chance to shoot him down.

“That’s like saying, “If Tyra Banks had no money “and I had all the money “and she was, like, really hungry, I might have a chance.” It’s not reality. Hannity’s fantasy was so ridiculous that even his Fox colleague couldn’t get on board. Do you want Sean Hannity, who are trained in the safety and use of a firearm in that room, so when they drop the clip and they start to reload you got a shot, you got a chance?

Yeah, wouldn’t have done much good with a bandolier… It’s 32nd, uh, floor, unless you had a high-powered rifle to take him out, but uh, but your point is well taken. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sean, you-you made absolutely no sense, but your point is well taken. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You know she’s thinking, “Dude, you couldn’t even “protect women from being sexually harassed “in your own building, and now you’re Batman? “Calm down. Calm down, man. “Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.” I’m… Like, I’m not gonna lie– he may seem crazy, but after watching that, I wish Sean Hannity would start his own security service.

ANNOUNCER: In a dangerous world, if you need protection, then you need… Sean Hannity’s Private Security Services! Sean Hannity is trained in kicking ass, throwing footballs indoors, and wearing his hat backward. So when the crap hits the fan, Hannity’s your man. Do you want Sean Hannity, who are trained in the safety and use of the firearm in that room, so when they drop the clip and they start to reload, you got a shot, you got a chance? If you’re threatened by a shooter who is in the room and has run out of bullets, then you’ve got a chance! Sean Hannity’s Private Security Services– total protection in very specific circumstances. See you again, ScrapinStyleTV.

Equipment Review: Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster Oven

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Hi, guys, It’s Andrew. Today I’m reviewing the Black & Decker 4 slice toaster oven, which was considered the best toaster oven 2017 in the market.

Guide use  Black & Decker 4 Slice Toaster Oven

It can bake royal toast or warm food the unit is stainless steel with a glass door and the handle is comfortable. It’s 8.5 inches tall 15 inches wide and 10 inches deep the cord is 21 inches long comes with a crumb tray, a big pan slash drip tray, and the slide rock slash broil rack. The top knob is the temperature selector the second knob is the cooking function selector and the third knob is the toast and timer selector.

This is the power indicator light to keep food warm turn. The knob to warm to keep warm here moving off to 10 and then back or forward the desired warning time. You can use the baking pan in the drip tray and put it under the slide rock and you can put your food directly on the rack. You can use metal oven proof glass or ceramics without glass lids in the other just make sure to keep the top of the container at least one and a half inches away from the upper heating elements.

When baking or cooking the manual says to preheat the oven for at least 10 minutes at the desired temperature. I haven’t always done that and everything. I’ve put in the oven still came out nice and hot too big select the temperature first. I’ll put it on 350 turns the function knob to bake turn the timer selector to 10 and then turn it back or forward the desired baking time goes from 10 to 20 all the way down to 30 on the bottom.

You can select stay on if you want to cook something for longer than 30 minutes or if you want to just control the amount of time. You want to put something the oven will just stay on until you turn it off. When you’re toasting you don’t have to preheat the oven set the temperature selector knob to toast set, the cooking function not to toast the indicator light will come on stay on until the toasting side something when the tow cycle is complete.

You will hear a ding and the indicator light will go off it works well for toasting and reheating food that would turn soggy in the microwave. I’ll make toast reheat leftovers and bake frozen food to test the unit first. I’ll toe two slices of wheat bread, you can fit four slices horizontally put your food in and turn the toast shaped lecture, not to ten and then turn back to the desired toast shade.

I’m using the lightest setting when your food is done. You’ll hear a ding and the indicator light will go off the rack is hot so use oven mitts to slide it out. It’s been 3 minutes and this is what the toast looks like? It’s lightly toasted and pretty even this is the other side and as you can see the bottom is more browned on the top the lightest toast setting works best for regular bread. Now I’ll toast an everything bagel that was frozen.

The way I usually use to bake bread

I defrosted it in the microwave for 20 seconds and cut it in half. I’m toasting the bagel using the medium setting. Which is half shaded in this is after three and a half minutes. It is brown so if you like it. This way use the medium setting for me. I’ll stick with the lightest setting frozen waffles after 2 minutes 30 seconds on the lightest toast setting. There’s not much color but it is toasted.

It’s crispy and it’s done this is a good setting for waffles corn muffins on the medium toast setting. They’re toasted pretty evenly these are leftover meatballs and french fries. You do not want to heat up fries in the microwave. Because they’ll be soft don’t use foil on any part of this unit. I’ll heat this up at 200 degrees after 5 minutes the fries are hot crispy on the outside and very hot and soft inside.

If you’re heating up a large piece of fried chicken or any large food cut it in half and separate it the inside heats up as well as the outside. The meatballs are warm outside but not hot inside they will take a few more minutes. If I had cut them in half they would be done at the same time as the fries 5 minutes is really quick to have crispy hot food that would otherwise taste awful from the microwave next.

I’ll bake frozen fish fillets and frozen mozzarella sticks 425 degrees bake 20 minutes the glass is hot and the handles are cool the top of the unit is hot many of us store a loaf of bread on top of the toaster and forget about it. I’ve done that and had melted plastic. So it is a good idea not to store anything on top of the toaster oven after 20 minutes. It’s nice and golden brown.

The mozzarella sticks are bursting. So they could have been taken out a few minutes earlier before cleaning makes sure. The oven is off unplugged ends cool and the glass door can be cleaned with a sponge or a soft cloth and some soapy water don’t use a spray glass cleaner. The rack can also be washed with soapy water or in the dishwasher the baking pan can be washed in soapy water and not in the dishwasher.

If you want more information about Black & Decker 4 slice toaster oven, you can watch the video below to reference:

It’s recommended to use a polyester or nylon pad to avoid scratching. The crumb tray can be pulled out wipe it off with a damp cloth and just dry before putting it back in the oven. The tray will get stained very quickly especially. If you don’t wash, it frequently a good scrubbing will get it clean the black & decker toaster oven did a great job of quickly toasting baking and reheating the food was crispy and hot. It’s compact efficient and affordable. I hope you found this review helpful please share a post and I’ll see you next time thanks for reading.

IWB Holster Review: Ruger LCP II Concealment Express

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Hello, everybody! It’s Andrew. Today, so it’s much better. Hey, you outdoor enthusiasts eighty-eight here again right at the rain sting kind of goofing off having a little bit of a range day. It’s about eighty-five degrees here in North Carolina the clouds are kind of helping a little bit. But it is hot and sweaty and humid plenty of bugs, but still a lot of fun out here. I actually got this new hat right here. I might have noticed there that you could buy a company called notch and you see these little notches on the side.

Ruger LCP II – Concealment Express

It’s actually really nice if you want to bring that brim really nice and far down and you actually go and can kind of put goggles glasses sunglasses safety goggles. Whatever you want and it really kind of rides in that notch which is really good? If you want to kind of keep that brim down which is kind of neat so little not to put a link down? Where I got this from below but I definitely need on a hot day like this so out here reviewing this new holster by consuming Express now concealment.

Express isn’t a new company because I did a review on their Smith & Wesson shield culture in the waistband but this is a new offering for the Ruger LCP. So it’s one of the few offerings for in the waistband of course LCP – is much thinner than the shield and of course. The holster is the same way and we’ll get a closer look at this in the tabletop here in a minute.

But it has the same kind of operation as the other whole set of review for the shield you actually pivot the clip here to go in appendix carry as well as around the belt only the 5 o’clock position. You see is very smooth hold steady and of course this being a real thin firearm. You really don’t have to worry too much about it printing very much. I mean it’s a really easy way to carry this gun of course. You have the way to carry it in the pocket and I’ll show you guys a holster again.

When I get back on the table here but really I mean as soon as this is. It’s really nice to go to concealed carry this way and it really doesn’t have any bulk to it. If you’re sitting a chair or so driving in the car. It’s really nice that way so go ahead and take a closer look at the table show you guys a little more detail and we’re back at the table with the Ruger LCP 2 and the consumer and express carbon fiber in the waistband holster this of course and which be considered the best kydex iwb holster.

The benefits of Ruger LCP II for you

I made out of Kydex and has a nice carbon fiber finish to it. Now, these are the same holsters that I reviewed for the shield except of course on a much smaller scale as you can tell they’re but they actually look very similar and they work really well. I’ve had any problems with them your Ruger LCP 2 or LCP does come with actually my just vltp 2 at this point comes with this holster right here.

I don’t remember if the LCP came with this thing or not thinking with little bag but lv2 comes to a little pocket holster in the pocket holster and this one this does is it has a little-rubberized strap and when you put in the pocket the strap, as well as a lip of the bottom, will have helped you draw the pistol without actually taking the holster with you. So that it works ok but if you want some more options for concealed carry this in the waistband holster is an excellent option.

It actually retains really well no foam there a good retention system as a screw right here kind of tighten it down but it also can draw really easily it comes from the factory pretty little tension down. I don’t have too much to it all draws really nicely the good thing about Kydex is that they won’t wear on your slide very much. Which is good to be carrying the term for a while now it does cover the magazine release about half way.

So you don’t really have to worry too much about that doesn’t seem to really be a problem. I will say that you might have noticed. I had to kind of stand a little bit the edges here this part the part facing your body. If you had a 5 o’clock position this part right here kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I think I ended up going and just going around with a file and just kind of smoothing it off.

I didn’t know it’s the same issue with the shield. I don’t think I had to sand any of that actually.So I look something like a pre-sanded it and finished off nicely in the factory though this looks a little more rounded off. So I think just maybe this being a new pistol a new offering with a new holster that is kind of learning. I don’t know but I just clean it up a little bit looks great now feels better when you can still carry it the other option.

Which is pretty cool in the back here you have the same system as little one does. Where can you actually go from a 15 degree can down to like a zero more like a one or two? But so as you loosen these screws out here with a Philips screwdriver and it heads on the back of these. So you can actually hold them if you want to take them all the way out. But you don’t have to so once you lose them up.

You can actually go and tilt this down for that down like a zero degree for appendix carry what we just want to 0 degrees can’t then. It’s going to look like this straight up and down as an excellent pistol for a concealed carry like this. Because it’s very little footprint. It’s already a thin firearm and of course. You can go and can’t it back up sink it down or up. There’s actually a single point here with a screw and there’s a double hole here they can go up and down like this and I just go and tighten it down.

If you want more information about Ruger LCP II – Concealment Express, you can watch the video below:

Which everywhere you want and won’t go anywhere so there you go? I think I might be it guys: I mean there’s no it doesn’t really have any other weird spots to it doesn’t have any weird spots to it? I haven’t really noticed any problems with the holster itself this notice how the L 52 likes to snag a little bit that is really jamming in there kind of stiff magazine release. But not too bad it kind of works this way after a little bit so X a little holster option.

I think it’s actually a little more easy to carry this and put in a pocket this tends to be kind of jingle around quite a bit in the pocket. Now I’ll put in some cargo shorts or someone sometimes. This course makes a little more secure you know where it is but again you have to conceal it as you saw it doesn’t really print very much. Unless you wearing the kind of tight t-shirt or something like that but with appendix carry. This is a much easier carry because there’s nothing really too bulky sticking out to kind of get in your way. So thanks for reading guys let me answer your questions below and share my post like. Please follow me!


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Hello, everybody! It’s Mike. Today we are looking at the caterpillar second shift.

Cat Second Shift Steel Toe

Since caterpillar started making work boots the second shift has been in the line. I don’t see it going anywhere mainly. Because it’s probably the most dependable durable mid-range price boot that you could possibly pick up out there, today heavy duty slip resistant oil resistant rubber sole. It’s a heavy duty chunky salt, but it’s a good soul and it’s a solid piece.

It’s not layers and layers of rubber that are going to peel away. It’s one solid piece and it’s glued to a well now the second shift is a fully welded boot and it is the most comfortable work boots. So that makes it a little bit more work-friendly a little bit more stable a little bit stronger. It’s not the best welding process in the world, but we’re not talking about handmade boots here. We’re talking about a price point heavy duty work boot that actually lives up to all those claims the leather hard thick dependable strong.

It’s not waterproof, but it is a beautiful hard chunk of leather inside. You’re going to find a nice polyester lining. That’s going to help maintain the moisture content inside this boot but with a leather. That’s this thick and aligning like that they are going to get a little swampy by the end of the day. So you do have to open them up and dry them out now deep down inside their way back down there in that insole section caterpillar glues down the insole.

I’m not a big fan of anybody, who’s gluing down insoles but for something. That’s at this price point. I’m going to give them a pass on that because they actually build this boot a little bit taller and a little bit wider they know that you guys out there are going to be picking up aftermarket insoles. You’re going to doctor up this thing to fit so they leave a little bit of extra room underneath that steel toe out of the box with that glue down insole and you can make this thing pretty much a custom fit so the laces the hardware in its speed laces.

It’s nice stuff. It’s nice to see an inexpensive boot using really heavy duty speed lace though, it is just a bent piece of metal. It is flanged on the inside so bending it back towards. You are going to take a lot of pressure and collapsing it in on itself is also going to take a lot of pressure. They do use two rivets in order hold them in place. So it isn’t like most where you find one and it’s just waiting to be ripped out caterpillar second shift. It’s got a lot of great little details for an inexpensive boot.

My Favorite Part About The Boot

Now probably my favorite part about the boot and about being able to talk about the boot is that they make it from size 5 to 16 and mediums and wides. So they really cover the spectrum they understand. That there are new guys coming into the workforce.They really don’t have a lot of scratches they need to buy a decent boot so caterpillar builds a decent boot and they cover all those sizes. Now they make this thing in four different colors three different shades of brown and the black and they make it in Steel Toe and non-Steel Toe as you can see this is the steel toe model.

It actually is a piece of magnetic steel in there so like I said it’s an inexpensive boot and they’re using steel. So this actually gives you more of a real practical first time buyers work boot having a composite could completely compromise somebody’s first work boot. They drop something on it they’re new to work and it’s going to be one of those points. That’s going to get impacted now the second shift is not the lightest boot out there and given the heavy leather given this solid sole and a really good welding process.

It shouldn’t be light at all so a pair of them and size 12 with the laces in and the insoles in and there’s nothing else in there is 4.6 pounds. Now really that’s not that heavy there is some more comfortable more expensive booze out there that are going to weigh a heck of a lot more but for a basic non-waterproof non-insulated just a basic boot 4.6 pounds. I think you could get away with that and I think this shouldn’t be your everyday boot. But if it is your everyday boot.

It’s going to last you. I’ve seen guys get nine months to a year out of this thing and for obvious reasons. It’s built like a tank but if this is going to be your everyday boot consider buying a second pair of the exact same thing just. So you can dry this thing out and you can give it a day or two to just breathe and relax. So that’s the caterpillar second shift in black and steel toe.

If you’ve ever warned a caterpillar second shift before if this is one of your first work boots or if you’re still wearing the second shift please comment below. Let guys know why you’re still buying this type of boot and just if it is as durable as everybody tells me it is if you want to see some detailed photos of the sole of the hardware or just the insides of the boot swing by to boot guy.

I’ll have all that there plus. I’ll have a couple of links to the other different colors and sizes. They’ll make it a little bit easier getting a pair of these on your feet. Hey please don’t forget to hit share button below. It really helps out and if you want to follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I post photos of boots all day long stuff I come in contact with people that I meet. I’m always putting something up there.

If you want to more information about the most comfortable work boots, you can watch the video below to reference :

If you’re about to buy a pair of these and any of the colors any of the sizes and you just got some questions that you can’t find answers to out there on the net feel free to shoot me over an email alright and to the next time. I’m Mike – the boot guy thank you for reading and follow me!

Superfeet Review : Surviving Plantar Fasciitis !

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Hi, I’m Parris and my feet hurt, again. Not as in yesterday, though they did hurt yesterday also, but as in several years ago when I let my weight get too high and I developed plantar fasciitis which is where the section of somethin’ or another that’s right in the arch of your foot gets stretched out too much by your weight.

How to fight against plantar fasciitis?

It can also be caused by spending the day on your feet when you’re not used to that or doing a lot of exercise, wasn’t my problem. Anyhow, it then hurts to stand up and to walk around, especially after you haven’t been on your feet when you first get out of bed in the morning when you’ve been driving the car for a while and you get out to walk to the store your feet just kill you.

Had this before, found out what it was, tried some different solutions for it, was able to reduce my weight, went away, it was great. I have foolishly though let my weight get back up to the point where it’s bothering me again. So I am going to get my weight back down and resolve the problem that way. The problem is a mean trick of nature here that when you get overweight and develop plantar fasciitis you need to go out and exercise to lose the weight.

Well when you go out and walk around it now hurts so you are even less inclined to take a walk, to take a run, to get on the treadmill, to go and do any kind of exercise because your feet hurt. But all is not lost. I’ve found a solution that worked very well for me. It was thanks to a friend of my wife who recommended this and it worked for me several years ago, got me back so I could do the exercise to lose the weight and I had to go buy another pair but they’re gonna do the job to get me to lose the weight again.

The solution to your pain?

They are called Superfeet, which is considered best insoles for plantar Fasciitis. Now if you’re saying, “Those look like insoles for your shoes.” Well you are exactly right and let me tell you these are expensive insoles for the shoes. They start at around $45, go up to $50. You could buy a pair of shoes for as much as these insoles cost but if you’re walking around with a pair shoes and your feet are killing you these are the better bargain.

Now my wife’s friend said that the green Superfeet are the ones you need when you have plantar fasciitis. I’m not sure what she based that on but I was desperate because I had tried other insoles, gel insoles that help your feet from being tired when you’re on them for a full day, which is one thing. But this is something else, the kind of support my feet needed is exactly what these provided.

So again about $50 and I’ll put a link to this exact set down below this articles if you wanna make that’s what you’re looking at. For these to work, you need to make room in your shoes. These are an old pair of shoes. If you’ve watched my recent articles you know I ordered some new light hiking shoes that my feet hurt now when I’m wearing but I didn’t want to pull the insoles out of them because they’re nice new hundred dollar shoes.

So I’m using these in my old shoes until I can get it so that my feet don’t hurt anymore. Also, with these, these particular, what are these? Sketchers Relaxed Fit. Let me show ya how bad off the insoles are in these, which is part of the issue but I can’t blame my condition on this. They have compressed themselves to near paper thinness and worn out the heel and so forth.

So I picked out the size to fit these shoes and you can trim them some if you have to if they don’t quite fit your shoe. But these are a pretty good fit. What they look like inside. Now back when I tried these out a few years ago, the very first time I wore them, again I was counting on my wife’s friend saying, “They will work, trust me.” They hurt so badly the first time I stepped into the shoes with these in them. It felt like there was a knuckle pushing right up into the arch of my foot. I thought, “Oh my gosh! “This is almost as bad as the plantar fasciitis pain.”

But that shows how poorly my foot was working in terms of supporting the arch and how bad that fascia was stretched so that it was hurting so much having proper support. I don’t know if this is ordinary support or a little bit above and beyond support with this arch but when I had to go back to the store and pick up another pair a couple weeks ago and put them in my shoes, again the first time. I stepped into them they hurt so much but within two days.

I would say that pain pretty much went away, that extreme discomfort of feeling that pushing up into the arch and within another day after that my feet felt so much better. Now the time I wore them before I had to wear the shoes with these in them all the time, inside the house, outside the house, any time. I was on my feet the only way to stop it from hurting was to have these shoes.

So I kept them by my bed and as soon as I got out of bed in the morning I slipped my feet into these and that’s how bad it was. But this time with my using them I use them just when I go out for the day. When I come home, we have mostly carpet in the house and I’m able to walk around without my feet hurting, of course in the shower and so forth. So it hasn’t gotten bad enough that I need them all the time and I’m hoping to reverse course, lose about 10, 15 pounds so that I won’t need them at all.

So Superfeet, $50 seems expensive for an insole but if it lets you walk around again what that will do is let you start burning more calories, losing more weight, which will then let you not have plantar fasciitis and not need to wear them. Now I really didn’t want to do a articles about needing to have the insoles again and getting plantar fasciitis ’cause my weight has gone back up but it happens to a lot of people.

These really helped me and so I thought, well since I’m benefiting from someone telling my wife about them who told me, I’m passing the message along to you in case there’s someone out there with this that these would help. Also recently I was contacted by a company, coincidentally I think, that makes a flip-flop that provides support if you have plantar fasciitis. So it has the arch support built into the flip-flop.

They’re sending me a pair to try out. I don’t know how they knew that I might need those but it would certainly come in handy both for going in the shower if you have plantar fasciitis that’s so bad, as I mentioned I did when I had it several years ago, that you basically don’t wanna take one step without the arch support. You’re not gonna wear this in the shower, so when you’re in the shower, which is usually a flat, hard surface there it’s hard on the feet. With flip-flops that would be great.

You can go to the shower. If your exercise is going to the pool, again walking barefoot on that hard tile surface around the pool really hurts the feet but the flip-flops would be great. Or going to the beach or other things like that. So I’m excited to see those. I should be receiving those soon and I will do a articles showing you how well those work for me. I don’t think I’ll be losing the 10, 15 pounds in the next few days so probably.

If you want more information about the superfeet, please refer to the video below :

It’s a safe bet that I’ll still have plantar fasciitis when I’m trying those out as well. So for today I can’t strongly recommend enough the Superfeet insoles. They have really worked wonders for me and hopefully you will see a thinner me soon not using these. I’ll be back soon with that flip-flop plantar fasciitis articles. Did I say that correctly? You can keep checking back for that or you can click that share button down below. See you on the next review.